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Subject Re: Oracle XA RAR for G1.0?
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 21:39:44 GMT
> I have a feeling that something else is wrong, as I mentioned before I
> see hanging transactions when using the local adapter in local-tx
> mode.  And when I ctrl-c G it corrupts the txlog each time... which is
> very bad IMO.

What do you mean by "corrupts"? Do you mean that the transaction manager
does not perform recovery properly upon boot?

> I'm starting to think this is a god must hate jason problem more than
> anything else :-(

Since you are getting an XAException.XA_RMERR error while trying to enlist
a resource manager, maybe Oracle is not set up properly to do XA
transactions for you.

I do remember that to get XAResource.recover() to work for example you
have to grant the jdbc user certain database catalog privileges - because
it has to do a select on the in-doubt transaction table. It's not
impossible that you have to do some configuration in the database server
to be able to enlist properly.

If I were you I would try to run an xa transaction myself by calling new
OracleXADataSource(), calling setConnectionURL, setPassword, setUserName,
and then getConnection() and getXAResource(), and then
start/end/prepare/commit. You can do this from the command line. The
Oracle driver has an example class that does this so you can cut and

That could be a big sanity check.


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