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From John Sisson <>
Subject Re: Plugin version numbers
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 00:31:02 GMT
I found the following Maven pages describing versions (I don't know if 
these are out of date):

In the 2nd URL above it says that the version section of a Maven version 
should be numeric.  It describes a version being in the format:

    <major>.<minor>.<revision>([ -<qualifier> ] | [ -<build>

You are proposing that we have a '-' character in the revision section 
(using Maven's terminology) which doesn't agree with the numeric 
requirement.  The doc also says that a revision is optional and will 
default to ".0" if not set.  So I'm not sure if Maven will see a 
non-numeric revision and then default the revision to ".0" and then use 
the revision containing the '-' as a qualifier.  If it is used as a 
qualifier, it looks like the qualifier is lexicographically compared, 
therefore geronimo_deployment_plugin_version=1.2.0-10 will be less than 
geronimo_deployment_plugin_version=1.2.0-2 .

I haven't looked at the code to confirm any of this.  Maybe one of the 
Maven guys could confirm what happens to your proposed 
<geronimo-micro>-<plugin-build-number> containing the '-' character.



Dain Sundstrom wrote:
> I think we have a problem with the current version numbering of 
> plugins.  We are using the following scheme to generate the version 
> numbers:
> <geronimo-major>.<geronimo-minor>.<plugin-build-number>
> The first two match the geronimo version and the last is a number that 
> is incremented with each change to the plugin (this forces maven to 
> download the new version).  I think this scheme will break as soon as 
> we do a geronimo release that has a micro (3 dotted) revision.  We 
> haven't seen this problem yet in Geronimo but we almost saw it when we 
> were working on geronimo 1.0.1.  I propose we change to the following 
> scheme:
> <geronimo-major>.<geronimo-minor>.<geronimo-micro>-<plugin-build-number>
> Using this scheme HEAD version plugin version numbers would be:
> geronimo_packaging_plugin_version=1.2.0-3
> geronimo_assembly_plugin_version=1.2.0-8
> geronimo_deployment_plugin_version=1.2.0-1
> geronimo_dependency_plugin_version=1.2.0-1
> branches/1.1 would become:
> geronimo_packaging_plugin_version=1.1.0-2
> geronimo_assembly_plugin_version=1.1.0-8
> geronimo_deployment_plugin_version=1.1.0-1
> geronimo_dependency_plugin_version=1.1.0-1
> We could optionally leave off the extra .0 before the dash but I think 
> we should leave it in for clarity.
> I'd like to implement this quickly since the build is broken due to me 
> changing the trunk version to 1.2 and not incrementing the plugins.  
> So please let me know quickly if you have an issue with the changes[1].
> -dain
> [1] We can always back the changes out but we could have published 
> plugins that have bad version numbers, which is something I'd like to 
> avoid.

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