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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: Migrating to maven 2
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 11:20:33 GMT
Alan D. Cabrera wrote:

> On 2/17/2006 1:35 AM, Anders Hessellund Jensen wrote:
>> Gianny Damour wrote:
>>> Basically, this is how I see a migration module by module working:
>>> 1. take one module;
>>> 2. write its pom.xml;
>>> 3. remove from its project.xml all the external dependencies, i.e. 
>>> the non Geronimo dependencies (they are no more required as they are 
>>> now defined by pom.xml); and
>>> 4. update its maven.xml to invoke the relevant M2 build goal.
>>> The M1 reactor still drives the multiproject build. This means that 
>>> we do not update the top level maven.xml file. When all the projects 
>>> of a given multiproject build, e.g. new1, has been migrated, we let 
>>> M2 drives the multiproject build.
>> I'm not sure this will work if we remove the maven 1 dependencies. M1 
>> will not know in which order to build the M2 modules if the 
>> dependencies are removed.
>> I suggest we instead update the top level maven.xml file and initiate 
>> the M2 build from there. M2 will know in which order to build the M2 
>> dependencies. We just have to make sure that no M2 modules depends on 
>> M1 modules. 
> Does the entire system need to build using a single command for this 
> interim conversion?  Why not have people do a
> mvn install
> maven new
> The "mvn install" will build both maven 1 and 2 jars.  The "maven new" 
> will use the maven 1 jars.

That also works. This approach assmes that the M2 modules that we 
migrate do not depend on modules which have not yet been migrated to M2 
- basically, this implies that modules are migrated in the same order 
than the build order derived by the M1 reactor.

I think that I like this approach better than my previous idea, where 
any module could be migrated - whatever its dependencies. However, I am 
not really keen to have people use two commands and would prefer to 
simply use the maven command which triggers the mvn command under the cover.

I think that this has already been suggested by David J.: we add a goal, 
e.g. new000, which is executed between new00 and new1. new000 launches 
mvn install in the root project directory. We add to the excludes list 
of new1 the migrated modules (we could also remove the M1 project files 
after migration).

If everyone agrees on the above, then let's start this migration :) - 
and I also volunteer to do the migration.


> Regards,
> Alan

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