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From Anders Hessellund Jensen <>
Subject Re: Migrating to maven 2
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 19:29:05 GMT
Prasad Kashyap wrote:
> That's right. I have the deployment plugin in m2. I'm testing each of
> the goals one by one as I use them in the itests project. The itests
> project is also in m2.
> I like Gianny's roadmap. We'll know the potholes and pitfalls only
> when we start driving. So either we could randomly take a few modules
> to convert or identify the complex ones.
> Even with the complex ones, we have 2 options
> 1) convert them the first, they'll be the prototype for the rest.
> 2) convert them the last, at which point we drop all m1 and it's
> baggage complete and make that final dash to m2.

I have already created m2 poms for a lot of modules. A list can be found 
here: .

Modules still missing m2 builds are:

axis, axis-builder, jetty, jetty-builder, tomcat, tomcat-builder, 
console-web, activemq-embedded-rar, interop, installer-processing, 

Most modules pose no problems regarding conversion. Short list of 
problems I have encountered:

Some modules uses various j2ee archives for testing which are assembled 
using jelly. An example of such a module is connector-builder. Any 
suggestions for migrating these?

Some modules have various resources placed in non-standard places, e.g. 
deploy-tool has a in src/conf. These resources should be 
moved to a standard place.

geronimo-system has some jelly to create a file.

Lots of modules probably have redundant dependencies, since m2 has 
transitive dependencies. I have basically just copied the dependencies 
from the m1 project.xml.

The scope for the various dependencies needs to be specified.

Some modules uses geronimo-dependency-plugin.

If the m2 modules need to be used in the m1 builds, they should have 
groupId geronimo. Currently they have groupId org.apache.geronimo.

In short, all the 30 or so modules that I have submitted m2 poms for 
compiles. A couple of them skips tests, and a couple of them lacks some 
meta-info such as manifests.


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