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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: Migrating to maven 2
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 13:52:52 GMT
Anders Hessellund Jensen wrote:

> Gianny Damour wrote:
>> Basically, this is how I see a migration module by module working:
>> 1. take one module;
>> 2. write its pom.xml;
>> 3. remove from its project.xml all the external dependencies, i.e. 
>> the non Geronimo dependencies (they are no more required as they are 
>> now defined by pom.xml); and
>> 4. update its maven.xml to invoke the relevant M2 build goal.
> Sounds like an excellent solution. My knowledge of jelly is very 
> limited, could you show me an example on how to carry out step 4?

My Jelly is also very limited; yet you can call Ant from maven rather 
easily like this:

<project default="default"

    <goal name="clean">
        <ant:exec executable="mvn.bat">
            <ant:arg line="clean"/>

    <goal name="default">
        <ant:exec executable="mvn.bat">
            <ant:arg line="install"/>


If you replace modules/kernel/maven.xml with the above script, then the 
new1 multiproject will actually build the kernel module with M2.


> /Anders

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