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From Anders Hessellund Jensen <>
Subject Re: Migrating to maven 2
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 00:33:47 GMT
Dain Sundstrom wrote:
> What do you mean by in parallel?

I just mean that both the m1 and the m2 build runs, without interfering 
with each other.

> I specifically would like to see modules converted one by one to m2  and 
> when converted have the module completely built by m2 (execed?)  from a 
> m1 global build.  I think this is the only way we will ever  keep our m1 
> and m2 builds in sync during the conversion.

 > Is there an easy way to do this with m1?
As far as i know,it is not possible to use m2 dependencies in m1, so if 
we want to do that we would have to write a m1 plugin for that ourselves.

The m1 build will be the "reference" build until the conversion has 
finished, so the goal is to keep the m2 build in sync with the m1 build. 
  It certainly will take som effort, but i think it is be possible.

> I'm concerned about having  
> two dependency lists: one in the project.xml and one in the pom.xml.   
> Is there a tool that can merge the project.xml dependencies into a  
> template pom.xml?

This certainly is a concern, but i think it can be managed. Versions of 
dependencies are specified in the parent pom.xml/project.xml in 
alphabetically sorted lists, so it will only take a look through that 
list to confirm the versions match.


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