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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Geronimo Web site update]
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 21:33:45 GMT
I have been making correction all across the site. Most of them are in the first patch

Bruce Snyder wrote:
> On 2/14/06, Hernan Cunico <> wrote:
>>Here is the link to the most recent diff
> I've got the correct diff, but there appears to be very few actual
> changes in it. After patching the site using the latest diff, and then
> removing all .orig files, I wind up with this list of changes:
> $ svn stat
> ?      site.06-02-14.diff
> ?      xdocs/devtools.xml
> M      xdocs/contributors.xml
> ?      xdocs/stylesheets/project.xml_jakarta.xml
> M      xdocs/stylesheets/site.hc.xml
> ?      docs/devtools.html
> Is this correct?

these seem to be correct although incomplete. I updated more files, not use why are not being

> Then after building the site, I have this set of changes:
> $ svn stat
> ?      site.06-02-14.diff
> ?      velocity.log
> ?      xdocs/devtools.xml
> M      xdocs/contributors.xml
> ?      xdocs/stylesheets/project.xml_jakarta.xml
> M      xdocs/stylesheets/site.hc.xml
> ?      docs/devtools.html
> M      docs/schemas.html
> M      docs/navigation.html
> Is this correct?

This should match the other, hmmm. This is the result from my svn st, you'll see that most
of the 
files have been modified

M      xdocs\mailing.xml
M      xdocs\dependencies.xml
M      xdocs\downloads.xml
M      xdocs\contributors.xml
M      xdocs\newshistory.xml
A      xdocs\devtools.xml
M      xdocs\powered_by.xml
R      xdocs\devtools
D      xdocs\devtools\index.xml
?      xdocs\images\
A      xdocs\images\menu_doc_off_116x19.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_issue_83x18.gif
A      xdocs\images\menu_bgstretch_1x22.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_library_50x18.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_userlist_60x14.gif
A      xdocs\images\newsarchive_96x15.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_wiki_37x18.gif
!      xdocs\images\geronimo-logo.png
A      xdocs\images\topleft_logo_437x64.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_wiki_39x18.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_userlist_64x14.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_userlist_52x18.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_graph_88x18.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_issuetrack_93x14.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_devlist_59x18.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_angle_15x18.gif
A      xdocs\images\spacer.gif
A      xdocs\images\menu_home_off_63x19.gif
A      xdocs\images\Thumbs.db
A      xdocs\images\subnav_issue_48x18.gif
A      xdocs\images\menu_home_on_63x19.gif
A      xdocs\images\menu_dev_off_104x19.gif
A      xdocs\images\header_bgstretch_1x86.gif
A      xdocs\images\header_bg_1x86.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_wiki_46x14.gif
A      xdocs\images\menu_sub_off_98x19.gif
A      xdocs\images\menu_comm_off_96x19.gif
A      xdocs\images\top_bgstretch_1x64.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_graphics_100x14.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_graph_95x18.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_userlist_55x18.gif
A      xdocs\images\subnav_devlist_56x18.gif
A      xdocs\images\menu_download_off_85x19.gif
A      xdocs\images\header_bgslice_1x86.gif
M      xdocs\index.xml
M      xdocs\documentation.xml
A      xdocs\stylesheets\project.xml_jakarta.xml
!      xdocs\stylesheets\project.xml_jakarta
M      xdocs\stylesheets\project.xml
M      xdocs\stylesheets\site.vsl
M      xdocs\stylesheets\site.xsl
A      xdocs\stylesheets\site.hc.xml
M      NOTES.txt
M      docs\mailing.html
M      docs\license.html
M      docs\schemas.html
M      docs\roadmap.html
M      docs\dependencies.html
M      docs\guidelines.html
M      docs\downloads.html
M      docs\devtools\index.html
M      docs\contributors.html
M      docs\newshistory.html
M      docs\powered_by.html
A      docs\devtools.html
A      docs\images\menu_doc_off_116x19.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_issue_83x18.gif
A      docs\images\menu_bgstretch_1x22.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_library_50x18.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_userlist_60x14.gif
A      docs\images\newsarchive_96x15.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_wiki_37x18.gif
A      docs\images\topleft_logo_437x64.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_wiki_39x18.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_userlist_64x14.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_userlist_52x18.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_graph_88x18.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_issuetrack_93x14.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_devlist_59x18.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_angle_15x18.gif
A      docs\images\spacer.gif
A      docs\images\menu_home_off_63x19.gif
A      docs\images\menu_dev_off_104x19.gif
A      docs\images\menu_home_on_63x19.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_issue_48x18.gif
A      docs\images\header_bgstretch_1x86.gif
A      docs\images\header_bg_1x86.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_wiki_46x14.gif
A      docs\images\menu_comm_off_96x19.gif
A      docs\images\menu_sub_off_98x19.gif
A      docs\images\top_bgstretch_1x64.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_graphics_100x14.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_graph_95x18.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_userlist_55x18.gif
A      docs\images\subnav_devlist_56x18.gif
A      docs\images\menu_download_off_85x19.gif
A      docs\images\header_bgslice_1x86.gif
M      docs\get-involved.html
M      docs\svn.html
M      docs\index.html
M      docs\faq.html
M      docs\documentation.html
M      build.xml

Would it help to have the entire site (the updated copy) available as a new patch?

Not sure why we are having these issues. I may be doing something wrong but I have no idea
there are just a few commands that I have to use.

Let me know what you think would be better to fix this ( I mean on my end ). I could even
the site from scratch on my repo, do a new svn co, apply the changes, build, svn add, svn
diff and 
send it back. It may be a pain but may work faster.


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