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From Epiq Geronimo Team <>
Subject Re: Geronimo Web site update
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 23:04:45 GMT
Great work, Hernan!  Its good to see you organizing stuff too.  Our team 
quickly ran through the site.  Here are our initial comments on the 
Apache Geronimo web site we reviewed located here:

1. The black border around the bar on the left side makes the navigation 
area look really dark.  Everyone here thought we should either change 
the border color to the light blue (to match the same as the header for 
the table).  Or else make the left side look more like a bar and border 
white like in the mock up.  
(contributors table)

On these examples, it makes the table look a little less dark.  The nav 
bar would likely look cleaner and people would still be able to quickly 
identify it as a nav bar.  Maybe the way Hernan did it with a thinner 
light blue border is the way to go for a site with only two columns 
instead of three.

2. The title for each area of the navigation bar is pushed slightly over 
to the left of the table.  Perhaps adding some cell padding between 
table and font on the left menu bar would be helpful.

3. Same thing, between the left nav bar and the main body table.  Adding 
a little space would likely help.

4. There is not really a need for bullets on the navigation bar on the 
left.  Most users will recognize this as a navigation bar and won't need 
the bullet points.  The bullet points are typically used for items in a 
series within a document, outline, or text, rather than in web 
navigation.  In our mockup, we had these on the right side for article 
highlights or key Geronimo news.

5. On my Firefox install, the font looks kind of like a Serrif Font 
instead of a Sans Seriff Font - Seriff fonts don't modern, ie they evoke 
images of offline stuff like newspapers, type, books, etc instead of the 
web and modern stuff. (We suggest Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, but those 
are just a few.)  We checked it on some other computers / browsers, and 
the fonts were good (Serrif).  Might be something to check, but no big 
deal.  Maybe my Firefix install is quirky.

6. On our mockup, we made it with 3 columns.  The third column might be 
helpful for reading.  The main reason why we made it a three column site 
was that it is difficult to read the text if it floats all the way over 
to the left, especially on a short page.  We realize that perhaps 3 
columns might be be hard to do in the content management system, 
though.  Perhaps it is something to do in the next version of the web site.

7. In the sections where there is a blue bar running horizontally across 
the screen, it might help to slightly reduce the space between the 
header title text and the bar - maybe just a little bit.

Those are a few of our suggestions / comments.  There are also a few 
broken links, but those are easy to find.  Anyway, Hernan has put this 
together quickly and admirably.  Let me know if you guys need any more 
feedback or graphics.  I'm sure other people will have some valuable 
comments as well.


Hernan Cunico wrote:

> Hi All,
> I created a JIRA with the new Web site based on the template from EPIQ.
> So far, although I mainly focused on the template I also edited some 
> of the content.
> I have not modified the build method so it still uses ant/anakia.
> Please send your comments and suggestions.
> Cheers!
> Hernan

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