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From John Sisson <>
Subject Re: Multiple servers sharing the same repo and config store
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 22:51:27 GMT
I'm not sure if you are suggesting it would be possible for two geronimo 
instances to share a var/config directory - that would not work as each 
instance would be attempting to do updates of the one config.xml file.

This may also have problems with two instances trying to write log 
files, journal files of the same name etc.


Paul McMahan wrote:
> As a programmer type it seems intuitive to me that the presence of a 
> subdir in an alternate server root overrides the default while its 
> absence makes the server instance inherit the default.  But its 
> possible that I am mingling system administration with too much OO.  
> At any rate I agree that having to examine the command line and then 
> the alternate server root directory to figure out which repository 
> directory (or var, or config-store, etc.) is in use could be 
> error-prone for some.   An informative message shown at the beginning 
> of startup that shows which directories are mapped into the server 
> instance could help.  I can think of a few other ways to address this 
> concern but they all tend to sacrifice flexibility or intuitiveness.
> BTW, I'm not suggesting that the subdirs of the alternate server root 
> directory get "weaved" into the subdirs of geronimo_home, as that 
> approach *does* seem too indeterminate to me. 
> Oh, and one more thing I'm wondering is how Sachin's req for running 
> applications from within a dev environment might play into this new 
> feature.  Seems that ideally the solution for the var subdir would be 
> consistent with the solution for config-store, repository, and 
> whatever else we decide to put in geronimo_home in the future.  Here's 
> the JIRA for that req:
> Best wishes,
> Paul
> On 1/30/06, *David Jencks* < 
> <>> wrote:
>     I'm not sure I like that, because IIUC it would mean that the main
>     repository gbean for instance would be looking at different repos
>     depending on both a command line switch and whether a particular
>     directory existed.  At the moment I think that is too
>     indeterminate.  I would prefer to have each repo gbean point to a
>     single well defined location and to add more repositories for
>     customization.
>     You might be able to argue me out of this position.
>     thanks
>     david jencks

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