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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: Confluence or Moin Moin...let's put a stake in the heart of this monster.
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 22:09:25 GMT
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Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> From the e-mail vote started by Ken here were the votes:
 18 Votes for Confluence
  1 Votes for something else
  1 +0 Vote

> 7 People volunteered for Infrastructure assignments
> 	Andrus Adamchik
> 	Hernan Cunico
> 	Rajith Atlapatto
> 	Jason Dillon
> 	Kevan Miller
> 	Paul McMahan
> 	Prasad Kashyap

Thanks, Matt; you beat me to it.

> At this point it looks like the clear winner is Confluence.  So the
> question is what do we do from here?  What makes sense to me is
> people do their current work at Atlassian to ease the transition
> (with appropriate updates on the Geronimo site to point there) and
> have the volunteers above start introducing themselves to the
> Infrastructure group and building some Karma to get Confluence setup
> (remembering that this is more than a Geronimo thing in terms of
> support; details to get worked out by infrastructure).


> Ken, do we need to do anything formal or can people start working
> with Infra now?  It would seem to make sense to have one person
> coordinate the effort from the Geronimo side to start with.  I
> nominate Hernan since he's been doing the Lion's share of our
> documentation.

Sounds basically like the correct approach; let me check with
the infra people to see how they'd like to handle the process
and initiate^Whelp the new people..  Unless someone else
would like to do that..?
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