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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Confluence or Moin Moin...let's put a stake in the heart of this monster.
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 15:02:56 GMT

I want to update the Release manager doc on the Wiki but it occurred to me today 
that we have still not resolved the issue of Confluence or MoinMoin.

We've been discussing this issue for about 3 months I think but have only 
succeeded in having created two environments and not pulling together a cohesive 
story for our users in terms of documentation.  Hernan has been doing a great 
job of documenting on Confluence over at Atlassian and I saw Anita post today 
that she has graciously volunteered to update the Roadmap (I assume on the 
current G Wiki).  Given that I'm ready to do some updating as well I wanted see 
what issues are in the way for us moving to a common infrastructure.

 From the e-mail vote started by Ken here were the votes:

  + 1 Votes for Confluence
	Erin Mulder
	Joe Bohn
	Dain Sundstrom
	Alan Cabrera
	David Jencks
	Bruce Snyder	
	Jason Dillon
	Hernan Cunico
	David Blevins
	Matt Hogstrom
	Gianny Damour
	John Sisson
	Jacek Laskowski
	Kevan Miller
	Prasad Kashyap
	James Strachan
	Sachin Patel
	Paul McMahan
+1 Votes for something else

+0 Votes:
	Jan Bartel

7 People volunteered for Infrastructure assignments
	Andrus Adamchik
	Hernan Cunico
	Rajith Atlapatto
	Jason Dillon
	Kevan Miller
	Paul McMahan
	Prasad Kashyap

I apologize in advance for spelling mistakes above.

At this point it looks like the clear winner is Confluence.  So the question is 
what do we do from here?  What makes sense to me is people do their current work 
at Atlassian to ease the transition (with appropriate updates on the Geronimo 
site to point there) and have the volunteers above start introducing themselves 
to the Infrastructure group and building some Karma to get Confluence setup 
(remembering that this is more than a Geronimo thing in terms of support; 
details to get worked out by infrastructure).

Ken, do we need to do anything formal or can people start working with Infra 
now?  It would seem to make sense to have one person coordinate the effort from 
the Geronimo side to start with.  I nominate Hernan since he's been doing the 
Lion's share of our documentation.

For now I'll move my Release Mgmt work over to Atlassian.



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