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From "Trieloff, Carl" <>
Subject RE: Integrating Geronimo and Celtix
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 17:25:41 GMT


Any idea on the timeline for integrating Java 1.5 components, we might run
into this on the CORBA side also so it would be good to know.


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From: James Strachan []
Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2006 11:55 AM
Subject: Re: Integrating Geronimo and Celtix

On 1 Feb 2006, at 16:33, Sakala, Adinarayana wrote:
> Great idea conrad.
> Since Celtix is an ESB, integrating it into a JEE container would  
> provide support for all of the ESB capabilities for all of J2EE  
> based endpoints and not just webservices capabilities. This can  
> even provide support for multi transport and multi binding  
> capabilities to J2EE endpoints including JMS, CORBA etc.

Agreed. Apache ServiceMix is already integrated into Geronimo to  
provide these same ESB capabilities using the underlying Geronimo  
services like HTTP, JMS, JCA etc.

> One question, does your integration is going to leverage some of  
> the capabilities of JSR 181 for JEE based endpoints along with JAX- 
> WS 2.0 etc.

I'd recommend doing so - its what we did on ServiceMix too. I'd also  
recommend an SCA component as well; On ServiceMix we have a variety  
of different JBI binding components for different SOAP stacks and  
integration technologies such as a JSR 181 binding component, an SCA/ 
Tuscany binding component, a SOAP stack with WS-A support, pure JMS,  
pure HTTP etc.

> My feeling would be to get started with the integration based on  
> current runtime making JSE 1.5 as requirement for enabling Celtix.

That's your call on the Celtix team as to what dependencies you want  
to use; though be aware that AFAIK we can only currently integrate  
Java 1.4 components into the certified build of Geronimo; I'm not  
sure if we can do a distribution of Geronimo which is not J2EE  
certified; so any 1.5 dependent components might have to be left out;  
but then you could host your celtix components on the celtix website.

As as aside we've been working with retrotransformer lately - with  
help from folks on the JAXB2 team and retrotransformer team - we've  
managed to get retrotransformer to create 1.4 compliant bytecode that  
uses JAXB2 RI. So there's a chance you could still work around the  
1.5 issue....

FWIW there's a maven2 retrotranslator plugin


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