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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject ActiveMQ Incubation
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 22:12:27 GMT
I checked out the ActiveMQ code from 
incubator/activemq last week and had a bit of a surprise. The code  
that's being incubated is the ActiveMQ trunk and the M4 tag. There is  
no code in the branches directory. I found this interesting since  
Geronimo does not use this version of the code.

Since I see evidence of a new ActiveMQ 3.2.2 release and haven't seen  
any local Geronimo activity, I'm assuming that Active MQ 3.x is  
intentionally not being incubated. The incubation proposal makes no  
statements one way or another on this issue... Are there thoughts on  
how long this apparent duality of ActiveMQ will last?

Also, is anyone from the ActiveMQ community looking at the ActiveMQ  
Jira's under Geronimo? They can be found here -- http:// 


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