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From Sanjiva Weerawarana <>
Subject Re: Ode Proposal (Sybase BPEL engine donation))
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 16:31:41 GMT
On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 15:56 +0000, James Strachan wrote:
> Dims & Sanjiva
> Given your arguments that the Sybase BPEL donation should be in a new  
> podling rather than part of ServiceMix - I wonder if you'd like to  
> join us in the ODE proposal then we can have a united Apache  
> community with folks from Agila, Geronimo, ServiceMix, & WS involved  
> to insure plenty of cross pollination.

Wow I feel "special" to get asked liked this ;-).

I was going to ask to join anyway .. so I'll be happy to. However, I
would like to request some changes:

- Under warning signs, in the "Homogenous developers" category it lists
developers from Sybase, IBM & LogicBlaze. Is it the case that the
*current* codebase has contribs from all these companies? If not I
believe the spirit of the question is about the current codebase, not
about the group that'll get it thru incubation. So please indicate who
wrote the current codebase (which I believe is all Synbase).

- The initial committers list is very long. I'm on service-mix dev and I
see only 2-3 people committing (and little or no discussion; am I
missing some stuff??). Can we try to list people who are really going to
write code for this? It doesn't make sense to list *23* committers
unless they will really write code. We can always bring people on board
as they start contributing. If all these people are really so hot to
mess with a BPEL impl, damn, I should feel really good about BPEL ;-).

- Given the, um, strong feelings expressed by so many people about this
project, how about if we get the Incubator PMC to sponsor this poddling?
I'm a member of that PMC and I'll be happy to do it. That allows the
poddling to decide, upon graduation, its final resting place: Geronimo,
new TLP or elsewhere. (NO, I'm not even suggesting it go to WS .. as I
said earlier, WS is too damned crowded already.) I see *nothing* to be
gained by saying its going to be part of Geronimo at this point; so you
see my bias already: go for its own TLP. However, if that appears to be
the right thing upon graduation, then so be it. 

Note that this does not preclude ServiceMix, or *anyone else* from
embracing and extending Apache Ode and living happily ever after. In
fact, its *much better* for Apache Ode to be on its own because then its
likely to be pluggable to more container frameworks and not just



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