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From "Simon Godik" <>
Subject principals and trust rules for csi-v2
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 03:42:37 GMT
Trust rules for csi-v2:
We derive B from Kb by authentication (Kb => B); B controls A means that B
is trusted on A;
B|A means B is quoting A; (or) B says A says s; B|A is a quoting principal;
(Abadi etal)

B is auth token identity;
A is identity token identity;

Backward trust:
Kb => B;
Local Trust Root controls: B controls A (B is trusted to assert A) (local
trust rules)
B|A says s; (s is request that is invoked as A)

Forward trust:
Kb => B;
Kz controls (B is a proxy for A); (this is authorization assertion signed by
B|A says s; (s is request that is invoked as A)

Csi-v2 principals:
QuotingPrincipal class has getQuotedPrincipal() (A) and
getQuotingPrincipal() (B) methods;
QuotingPrincipal instance is added to the subject;

We can write authorization rules in terms of B|A, eg map B|A into roles.



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