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From Rajith Attapattu <>
Subject Re: JMS Clustering in Geronimo v1
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 15:46:12 GMT
I see one short critical comming on Geronimo at the moment is we haven't
defined what can and what we have to do in terms of clustering.

I am glad you started the thread on JMS clustering, so some of the questions
will be addressed

There is no documentation out there what has been done or needs to be done.
Instead of complaining I am planning to fill the gap with the help
of Hernan, but would need help and input. We did disscuss some issues with
HA-JNDI, there is lot of disscussions on Web clustering, but other than that
there is no direction or disscussion.

This will confuse a lot of the end-users. Clustering is pretty darn
important in any production-level deployment and if we don't give a clear
idea to the community about where we stand or atleast the fact that we have
recognized where we need to work or some sort of RoadMap the endusers will
be very confused about the whole issue.



On 1/13/06, Dave Colasurdo <> wrote:
> I'm wondering what claims *Geronimo v1* can make concerning JMS
> clustering.  I do see that ActiveMQ makes quite a few claims around
> clustering though am wondering exactly which capabilities are
> leveraged/relevant to Geronimo v1?
> Clustering/failover of message brokers?
> If so, where is this setup and where is the failover decision making done?
> Queue Consumer Clusters?
> Message Failover?
> Other?
> Do the messaging applications require any awareness of the clustered
> environment or is it transparent?
> Has anyone tested any of these scenarios using Geronimo v1?  :)
> Thanks
> -Dave-

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