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From Prasad Kashyap <>
Subject Test strategy
Date Sun, 29 Jan 2006 14:12:28 GMT
On the list of Dain's "Roamap, tasks and things to do" list,
integration tests that cover servlets, webservices and jms was quite
at the top.

I would like to propose the following test strategy.

1. Fix existing openejb itests such that they can be reintegrated back
into the builds.

2. Create a testing subproject first in the sandbox that can be used
to test other services and components. This subproject will use maven
2. Integration test is already a phase in the Maven2 lifecycle.

3. Create a new deployment plugin for maven 2 for use by the testing
subproject. A new one is needed because the openejb itests still use
maven 1.

4. As the test suite grows, we can move the subproject from sandbox to
the main branch/trunk. Hopefully by then, openejb will have come out
of it's incubator status for it's itests to join the rest.

What say you all ? Comments, advice, suggestions more than welcome.


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