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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: Build level for Geronimo and version info for dependency projects
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 18:13:05 GMT
On Jan 18, 2006, at 6:42 AM, Vamsavardhana Reddy wrote:

> Hi,
> I see that there is a ServerInfo interface in  
> org.apache.geronimo.system.serverinfo package.  This has getVersion 
> (), getBuildDate(), getBuildTime(), getBaseDirectory(), getCopyright 
> () methods.  Is there any other information (like the svn revision  
> for the server build, etc.) about the server that can be retrieved  
> programmatically.

If you want to take a crack at it, it shouldn't be that difficult to  
add the svn url and revision number.  The ServerInfo data comes from  
the generated file org/apache/geronimo/system/serverinfo/geronimo- which is created by modules/system/maven.xml.  The  
tricky part is getting the data from svn into maven.

> Is there a way to determine the version and build levels of each of  
> the dependency projects like OpenEJB, Tomcat, Jetty etc?

Not specifically.  Each jar we include with Geronimo has a version  
number, but Geronimo is designed to support adding and removing of  
components so the components may not be there.  Geronimo is also  
designed to support multiple version of components running at the  
same time (so you can do a rolling upgrade), so it would be difficult  
to pin this down.

In the 1.x future, I hope to have better class loader diagnostics  
available which will let us determine which jars (including the  
version number) have been loaded into class loaders.


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