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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: Javamail address parsing (again).
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 21:17:38 GMT
On 1/11/06, Rick McGuire <> wrote:
> This is starting to drive me nuts.  Writing an address parsing method
> that conforms to RFC822 is fairly easy.  Writing one that conforms to
> the javamail spec seems to be a hopeless task.  This is the complete API
> spec for the InternetAddress.parseHeader() method:
>     Parse the given sequence of addresses into InternetAddress objects.
>     If |strict| is false, the full syntax rules for individual addresses
>     are not enforced. If |strict| is true, many (but not all) of the
>     RFC822 syntax rules are enforced.
>     To better support the range of "invalid" addresses seen in real
>     messages, this method enforces fewer syntax rules than the |parse|
>     method when the strict flag is false and enforces more rules when
>     the strict flag is true. If the strict flag is false and the parse
>     is successful in separating out an email address or addresses, the
>     syntax of the addresses themselves is not checked.
> There is absolutely no definition I can find of:
>     * What syntax rules are not enforced if strict is false.
>     * What syntax rules are not enforeced if strict is true.
>     * What is the difference in syntax rule enforcement between
>       parseHeader() and parse().  parse() seems to a rule set that lies
>       between parseHeader() with strict false and parseHeader with
>       strict true.
>     * What does it mean to be "successful in separating out an email
>       address or addresses" without checking the syntax?  How do you
>       recognize it as an email address without having syntax rules?
> There don't appear to be any other sources of information available out
> there that further define this behavior.  I've been running lots of
> little test cases against the Sun version to try to figure out the
> rules, and frankly, the results have been pretty random.  The Sun
> version both allows forms that RFC822 says is invalid and rejects forms
> that RFC822 explicitly says are valid (which does not sound like a
> relaxed rule to me).  Rather tough to distinguish between bugs and
> intentional behavior.
> Any suggestions on additional information sources on this or suggestions
> on how to decide which behaviors to support?

Is it possible to look at the Sun implementation's source code to
distinguish enforced vs. ignored rules?

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