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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Re: Docco system (Confluent, MoinMoin, ...)
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2006 16:12:03 GMT
Hi Jacek,

I like to entertain the thought that I am an ok programmer ;-) And I  
was hesitant whether to send my initial message, as I knew it would  
appear like I am looking for a shortcut to become a Geronimo  
committer. All I can say to that, is that with the amount of time I  
spend on Cayenne, I don't see how I can make meaningful contributions  
to Geronimo code at the moment. On the other hand helping with  
Confluence is a task I know I can do without too much distraction  
from my current work, so I figured I'd offer help.

Regarding my interest in Geronimo project, of course it is related to  
Cayenne. I wasn't ready to talk about it yet, but since it got out...  
Geronimo seems like a natural first choice in our effort to closer  
integrate Cayenne in a J2EE stack. In particular implementing EJB3  
Persistence API:

I understand that wider EJB3 work will be targeting Geronimo 2.0, and  
will be done during the next 12 or so months? Are there specific  
plans for the persistence part of the spec?

Cayenne EJB3 work is planned for approximately the same period of  
time. Still as we are busy finishing current 1.2 release, no final  
decision has been made regarding EJB3-persistence in Cayenne 2.0  
(although it seems very likely to be positive). Once we start the  
actual work on that, I'd love to work closer with Geronimo community  
(and of course anyone from Geronimo is welcomed to join cayenne-devel  
to collaborate on that).

So please take the Confluence offer a gesture of good will. Becoming  
a sysadmin at Apache is really not my ultimate aspiration :-)


On Jan 21, 2006, at 4:33 AM, Jacek Laskowski wrote:

> 2006/1/21, Andrus Adamchik <>:
>> For now I am just lurking on the geronimo list (my primary interest
>> is Cayenne persistence framework, which happens to be container-
>> independent).
> Hi Andrus,
> Do you see any place for Cayenne in Geronimo? Please speak up rather
> than lurking ;)
>> Anyways, I am willing to volunteer to get it going at Apache, still I
>> am not a committer on any of the projects (AFAIK this *is* a
>> requirement). I've been running Confluence for some time for the
>> ObjectStyle community:
> Excellent! We discussed it a while ago and people who write
> documentation or send minor patches are as important as those who can
> write a brand new container. You can contribute to a project one way
> or another.
> If it ends up that we decide to use Confluence it would be a good way
> to become a Geronimo committer. Of course, it would be so easy to get
> in by saying I'd be willing to contribute to Geronimo doing Confluence
> administration, but the point is just that - you don't have to be an
> excellent programmer at all and still be able to become a Geronimo
> committer.
>> Andrus Adamchik
> --
> Jacek Laskowski

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