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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: Roadmap, tasks and things to do?
Date Sun, 29 Jan 2006 14:40:03 GMT
Here are a couple more:

Consolidate all our thread usage into a group of manageable thread
pools.  I'd like to see one unlimited one that all "long-running
server threads" (like the hot deploy directory monitor) pull from,
just so those can be tracked.  Then pools for WorkManagers, network
listeners, etc.  Of course, this means that our pluggable modules
(web, EJB, etc.) need to be prepared to use an external thread pool...

Provide a more intelligent Keystore service that tracks available
keystore(s) and can issue SocketFactories (or the NIO or J2SE 5
equivalent) preconfigured with the certificates it needs.  That way
all the different modules don't need to be separately configured with
the keystore password, etc.

Support for the multiple-protocols-over-one-port network listener that
Hiram put together.

A configuration option that would prevent an application from seeing
resources, EJBs, etc. in any other application (e.g. only stuff in
itself or top-level in the server).

JSR-77 statistics support for most of the server.

A standalone JSR-88 JAR (meaning, it actually includes all the other
modules' code it needs in its own JAR).

Complete JSR-88 DConfigBean support (presently we have only
connectors, and not much of the GUI support for them at that).

A JDBC network wrapper allowing a remote client to access a JDBC pool
running in the server (I think WebLogic and OC4J have this).

Support for running more than one instance of Geronimo out of the same
installation (multiple /var directories, perhaps with one parent
ConfigStore in the main installation for the core code and one child
ConfigStore in each /var for the individual instances).

Full XDoclet and Ant support.

Continued performance improvements.

J2SE 5 support.


On 1/26/06, Dain Sundstrom <> wrote:
> Ever since we shipped 1.0, I have been getting a surprising number of
> private emails from old fiends, old Geronimo contributers, companies,
> and just random people telling me that the are excited about Geronimo
> and want to join in.  They all inevitably ask me for advise on what
> to work on, and I really have no idea other than "look at JIRA". So
> I'd like to solicit the community to help me create a roadmap, tasks,
> things to do list, what ever we call it.
> Before we get into building this, I'd like to focus the discussion,
> so we don't end up in mailing-list fantasy land :)  Lets agree to not
> talk about the technology used to track the tasks; once we have the
> content we can discuss using JIRA, wiki, html or creating a Gopher
> site.  Secondly, lets focus on things that are reasonable to do in
> the next 9 months.  Finally, don't worry about someone else working
> on something you want to work on.  With open communication on the
> mailing list, I think everyone will be able to work something they
> find interesting without stepping on toes.  Oh, one final thing,
> please don't try to "take a task" until we have this list complete.
> Without further delay, here are some things off the top of my head:
> o Conversion to Maven 2 - Very important and a huge task
> o Ant versions of the Geronimo plugins
> o  XDoclet for all configurations
> o Integration tests that cover servlets, webservices and jms
> o Little-G - Geronimo with a small foot print
> o Global non-persistent JNDI implementation
> o EJB 2.x - Once I get my refractor committed, it will be obvious
> where the 2.x implementation needs work like better caching
> o JEE 5 - There is a ton of stuff under this, but it would be good to
> start with a list of what is required for JEE 5
> I don't want to speak for the other ares of Geronimo I don't work on
> regularly, but I am sure that there are good opportunities to help in
> the console, jms, javamail, ejb, clustering, esb/jbi/bpm, tooling,
> performance, build, testing, samples, documentation, so if you are
> more familiar with one of those areas, please post.
> I think this is a "once in a project chance" to build a big vibrant
> community of developers, and let's not let it pass us by.
> Thanks in advance,
> -dain

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