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From Manu George <>
Subject Re: Regd OpenEJB
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2006 13:07:08 GMT
Hi ,
          I am also not sure if this is a safe behaviour or even whether the
ejb spec requires it. I have seen in a particular sun forum that the pk
should not be part of any relation.
I have put the link below
If this is true then there is no issue at all with the existing code but I
am not sure whether this is true as in some containers like Websphere this
is allowed.  I went through the parts of the specs mentioned in the posting
quickly but it didn't resolve my doubts.

Another Issue that pops up if we allow to set the foreign key field is in
the ejbPostCreate if the bean provider tries to set the cmrField the
container will set the fk automatically and thereby try to change the PK
which should not be done once an ejb is created.  So there also we need to
add certain checks.

All these points together tend to confuse me on what the actual behaviour
should be. Any suggestions?


On 1/7/06, Gianny Damour <> wrote:
> Hi Manu,
> You are once again correct: let's remove this read-only decorator - this
> was a very bad idea - at least if the field is a PK one. This read only
> behavior was intended to prevent developers from changing a relationship
> to a CMP having a coumpond PK with multiple fields. Indeed, in this
> case, if the CMP field is updated, this implies that the relationship is
> (partially, as only one field is updated) updated and I am not sure that
> it is safe to let such a thing to happen.
> Thanks for your work on this,
> Gianny
> Manu George wrote:
> > Hi Gianny,
> >             I have a question on CMR
> >            Consider a Bean A and a bean B in a one to many CMR
> > relationship
> >             Here A has 2 fields in the PK say a1 and a2
> >                     B has b1 fka1 and fka2 as the pk where fka1 and
> > fka2 are the foreign keys corressponding to the a1 and a2 of A.
> >             In the ejbCreate of B when we set fka1 and fka2 won't
> > OpenEJB throw an error saying that they are readonly fields. This will
> > happen even after  implementing the logic for the special case where
> > the CompoundPK has 1 field.  Is this scenario a valid scenario? If so
> > can we change the check in createCMPFieldAccessors to check for
> > primary key and allow write access to CMR fields if they are parts of
> > Primary Keys? What should be the correct behaviour?
> >
> > Thanks
> > Manu
> >
> >
> >

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