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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: Licensing of some files included in the Geronimo IzPack installer assembly (included by the IzPack installer)
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2006 02:47:27 GMT
Great research John.  Do you think we should defer the installer to 1.1 given 
these issues?  It would certainly make a bigger splash I think.  Erik, thoughts?


John Sisson wrote:
> Hi Erik,
> There appears there are some issues with the licensing of some files in 
> the installer JAR file for the upcoming Geronimo 1.0.1 release.
> Although the IzPack installer itself is supposed to be under an ASF 2 
> license, it appears that the generated Geronimo installer JAR contains 
> some files that may not be under the ASF 2 license or compatible with 
> the ASF 2 license.
> There are two groups of files/libraries that are included that are 
> potentially suspect:
> 1) A number of images are included in the installer JAR in the /img 
> directory.  The IzPack installer history page ( 
> ) says that the 
> 3.5.0 version switched to the Crystal icons from KDE 3.2.  I found that 
> some of the images in the installer jar binary match images (e.g. 
> ascii.png and bookmark.png) from "Crystal SVG for Linux" download on 
> .  Some images also looked the same 
> but differed in a binary comparison (maybe I am comparing a different 
> version of the icons).  A google of crystal icons reveals (from various 
> discussions) that they are under a LGPL license.  So the use of the 
> icons is not suitable in ASF projects.
> This issue should probably be raised with the IzPack project.  It may 
> take a while for the IzPack project or ourselves to obtain images from 
> another source that are suitable replacements.
> 2) Liquid look and feel files under the package com\birosoft\liquid . 
> The liquidlnf project's page displays a LGPL license ( 
> ).
> Removing the following lines from the geronimo-izpack.xml file prevented 
> the liquid files being included.
>      <laf name="liquid">
>         <os family="unix"/>
>      </laf> Therefore the liquid LGPL issue appears to be solvable.
> The removal of the laf configuration the geronimo-izpack.xml file does 
> not affect the images that are in the jar under the /img directory.
> FYI: Henry Yandell confirmed that the NanoXML files in the installer JAR 
> under the package net\n3\nanoxml under a zlib/libpng License are 
> compatible with the ASF 2 license. ( 
> ).
> Regards,
> John

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