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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject 1.0.1 Release Plans - Work Items and JIRA list - Targetting availability 1st week of February
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2006 19:17:48 GMT

I've pulled the JIRAS that are currently currently targetted against 1.0.1.  I 
talked with Alan about doing the 1.0.1 Release Management so I can finish out 
the doc  of how to get one of these monsters out.

I'm suggesting that we target close of coding for 1.0.1 by next Sunday and then 
start a release / verification cycle for end of January availability.

Below I prioritized Cosmetic things that will need to be done and then actual 
bugs (based on the JIRA comments) and finally items I'd like to move foreward to 
the next release.  I'll go ahead and move the ones below unless there is a 
strong objection.

I think the biggest problem we face is the issue with the configIds.  Aaron sent 
out an e-mail about that and I expect it will get straightened out this week.

Chime in for your favorite bugs.  I'll do some assignment of the JIRAs to who I 
think owns the area.  If your really excited about a specific defect better grab 
it straight away :)

As always, feedback and help appreciated.

GERONIMO-1417 	[daytrader] daytrader/docs/tradeFAQ.html out of date
GERONIMO-1456 has a meta-inf folder in the root directory

GERONIMO-1199 	Keystore portlet should display certificate finger print before 
importing trusted certificates

GERONIMO-1012 	Tomcat integration does not set a subject in an unsecured web 
module in a secured ejb application
GERONIMO-1196 	Keystore portlet: Viewing trusted certificate results in an error
GERONIMO-1336 	Setting the Max PoolSize on a DataBase pool with invalid 
information does not yield an error message and silently fails
GERONIMO-1387 	Geronimo Console Applications portlets fail after starting app 
GERONIMO-1410 	Configuration geronimo/jetty/1.0-SNAPSHOT/car defines Spring 
Framework - Hibernate based Web-app do not work
GERONIMO-1476 	Changes to default log4j.rootCategory are not dynamic
GERONIMO-1423's category is ignored
GERONIMO-1433 	Security vulnerability of WEB-INF contents on windows platforms
GERONIMO-1448 	debug-tool does not work on Tomcat
GERONIMO-1450 	Console usage plans use old namspace & parentId
GERONIMO-1451 	A new TCP listener for ActiveMQ is not persisting across server 
GERONIMO-1462 	Finish implementing inverseClassloading attribute in plan schemas
GERONIMO-1466 	Preparing 1.0 branch for development of 1.0.1
GERONIMO-1467 	DB pool portlet error when web session saved
GERONIMO-1468 	FileSystemRepository#listUris() produces wrong URI array when the 
repository contains a malformed entry
GERONIMO-1472 	packaging plugin creates client cars with wrong version
GERONIMO-1474 	Cross site scripting vulnerabilites
GERONIMO-1475 	Configs needing updated to not include Xerces files in the 
Repository as duplicates to lib\endorsed
GERONIMO-1480 	Cross context include does not set jacc contextID for 2nd web 
app. (Tomcat only)
GERONIMO-1490 	setjavaenv.bat is not called by deploy.bat
GERONIMO-1491 	ActiveMQ plan uses hardcoded obsolete 
org/apache/geronimo/ActiveMQ module name
GERONIMO-1492 	Many "org/apache/geronimo" configIds still live in source tree
GERONIMO-1508 	1.0.1 won't accept plans with 1.0 configIds in references, 
parents, imports, etc.
GERONIMO-1510 	NPE in connector DConfigBeans if no config params present on 
connection definition instance

Move Forward	
GERONIMO-1192 	Installer should create a config.xml for the target install
GERONIMO-1349 	Missing Ports in Startup Port List
GERONIMO-1374 	Open EJB does not allow the setting of a ForiegnKey that is 
involved in a CMR relationship
GERONIMO-1379 	Login Error page does not include updates to remove table and 
include About link
GERONIMO-1441 	Build path contains duplicate entry errors for some geronimo 
projects in eclipse
GERONIMO-1445 	Allow deployment and use of exploded EAR modules
GERONIMO-1489 	Minor fixes/updates to jUDDI webapp and Tomcat config
GERONIMO-1503 	keystore generated by KeyStore portlet could not be used to add 
either Jetty or Tomcat HTTPS Listeners
GERONIMO-1509 	Maven logging output multipled

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