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From Dave Colasurdo <>
Subject v1.x Installer comments - Long
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 22:02:29 GMT
Looks like the Installer has made quite a bit of progress.  Thanks Erik!!

I'd like to suggest a few Usabality changes to the current installer.. 
I'm sure you are already aware of many of these and have plans to update 
them.  Just wanted to provide some input based on my first impression. 
BTW, I've attempted to provide input based on my thoughts on how this 
would be perceived from the perspective of a first time user.

*Package Selection Panel*
1)The available selections are really a hierarchy
  --J2EE Features
  ---Jetty Web Container
  ----Jetty Sample Applications

  ---Tomcat Web Container
  ----Tomcat Sample Applications

Does Izpack allow you to capture the hierarchy graphically?
If not, anyway to insert padding to the front of entries to show the 
hierarchy to the user?  I think this would be a better solution than the 
"Dependencies" box and would more clearly convey the relationship 
between selections.  Also, we should remove the dependencies box and the 
other righthand box that contains the Logo.  The description box should 
be located directly to the right of the main selection box OR below it 
on the left.

I like the way the dependant boxes interact (turning off something at 
the top of the hierarchy automatically trickles down to the dependant 

2) It seems that we are allowing the user to choose two web containers? 
    I thought we would limit the choice to just one?

3) It seems that it is currently possible to pick-and-choose selections 
that result in a server that won't start.  We need to decide which 
choices are valid and assure that the resulting installations all work. 
   Flexibility is great, but we don't want to give users the ability to 
choose non-working installations.

4) The available disk space seems to only be specified for "Server".  I 
assume the other selections will eventually be updated.

5) Should the "Server" selection  be re-labeled as Geronimo kernel or 
Geronimo base infrastructure or something to better reflect what it is?

6) The "Greyed out packs are required" comment is somewhat confusing.. 
Perhaps just adding the word (Required) next to the server selection and 
removing the other comment would be clearer.

*Base Configuration Panel/Web Container Panel*
7) Not sure I understand the "Active at runtime" selections and how they 
differ from the selections I've already made on the "Package Selection 
Panel".. Is the idea that the package selection identifies which 
packages get physically laid down on the target machine and "Active at 
runtime" determines which of these are configured as initially enabled?
Not sure how common it would be to select a component and then specify 
that it is disabled.  Is it more appropriate to assume all choices are 
enabled at installation and any disabling shoud be done directly in the 
resulting installtion (perhaps via the admin console).

7.5) The Web container "Active at runtime" selections are greyed out by 
default when the Tomcat container is selected.  Seems the default should 
be enabled.

*Configuration Checkpoint Panel*
8) Is it possible to place a confirmation summary of all the selections 
and their size on this panel?

*Installation Progress Panel*
9) Probably want to pretty this Panel up with a Title such as 
"Installing Geronimo components".

10) The installation panel seems to hang for awhile even after the 
progress bar indicates completion.  Eventually the "next" selection is 
available.  Is this a pblm with izpack?  Any chance of getting a 
"completed message" in Big letters on the panel?

*Processing Panel"
11) I had initially assumed the installation was now done and was 
surprised that there was still more installation steps to be done.
Perhaps just a title on this Page "Installing Geronimo configurations".

12) Would be nice to have "Configuration completed successfully" or 
"Configuration failed" message at the end of the output. Perhaps this is 
just adding the word "successfully" to your existing message.

13) I see that the installer allows a user to create an automatic 
installation script.  Is this a response file that can be used to invoke 
the installer silently?

14) I like the fact that you provided a default installation that 
doesn't require any selections other than accepting the license.  Just 
hitting next->next->next..  Joe's mom will appreciate that.  :)

Hope these comments aren't too nitpicky..  I think the installer is 
really shaping up nicely. Sometimes minor changes to panels make big 
differences in a user's first impression..


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