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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Virtual Hosts
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 15:13:58 GMT

Greg Wilkins wrote:
> Jeff Genender wrote:
>> Greg Wilkins wrote:
>>> I think it is important for us not to encourage this by treating 
>>> virtual host names as network addresssed.
>> I don't agree as the VH is still a network name, and unfortunately this
>> is supplied by the Tomcat folks, not us.
> If you are saying that VH's are almost always network addresses by 
> convention - then I agree totally.
> But if you are saying that tomcat needs VH names that *must* be network 
> addresses which can be resolve - then I'm very surprised.   Many servers 
> I've worked with in large ISPs are deployed in environments without any 
> DNS at all, as they don't want to risk the lookup delays.
> Either way,  I don't see that geronimo need to require anything of
> a VH other than treat it as a name which the container can interpret.   
> If tomcat has a requirement that the VH is a resolvable name, then it 
> will simply be a configuration error to give it a non-resolvable name.

I don't really see the disconnect between what you are saying, and what
I have said, as well as what Tomcat is saying.  The DNS name of the Host
or VH needs to be resolvable at the client level.  If its not, then you
would never get the VH request from the client (unless they used a raw
IP address), since the request would never be routed to the server.  The
VH is essentially what the client types into the address bar.  It had to
be resolved from his DNS server.  Therefore, its not unreasonable for
the Tomcat documentation to state that its encouraged to use a
resolvable name as the Host/VH name.  The Host *only* uses the name for
filtering purposes.  There does need to be some relationship, since I
cannot tell my server to use if the client cannot resolve that
name, since it would never get to the Host without the resolution.

> cheers

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