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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: Should we let users override context-root for wars in an ear?
Date Sat, 14 Jan 2006 08:59:27 GMT

I agree that it is not confusing to allow a plan to override context
path in application.xml

Generally speaking, I think it is valuable to have override mechanisms
for much of the configuration in the deployment bundles.  This
goes for context path in application.xml and things like init parameters
in web.xml.

It is a pain and also a management issue to have to open up a 
deployment bundle (possible delivered by a third party and checksumed
and controlled as a versioned deliverable) to change configuration.

Ideally I would like us to be able to never need crack open and
modify a war or ear in order to perform assembly and the ability
to do this is a strength of the geronimo ability to have an
external plan.


David Jencks wrote:
> I was irc-ing today with someone who suggested it would be useful to 
> make it possible for our plans to override the context-root in an  ear's
> application.xml with a different value in our plan somewhere.    One
> obvious choice is the context-root in a web plan.  After thinking  about
> this a bit I think it would be a nice convenience for our  users, and I
> personally don't see how it would introduce confusion.   My impression
> of the spec's discussion of application.xml is that it  tends to
> describe it as a bunch of hints from the person doing the  assembly role
> to the person doing the deployment role.
> Jeff Genender and I tried to do a little survey of what the other app 
> servers do and think it is as follows:
> weblogic -- app.xml setting overrides any web plan context root.
> jboss - app.xml setting overrides
> jonas -- there appears to be no way to set the context root other  than
> the application.xml: a standalone war uses its file name.
> orion - appears to allow the application plan to override  application.xml
> websphere -- can't tell, the administrative tools certainly allow 
> changing context root but it is not clear if that results in a change 
> to application.xml or a plan
> trifork - can't tell
> See also
> thanks
> david jencks

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