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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject Re: Replication using totem protocol
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 10:28:55 GMT wrote:

>>Given the inherent over head in total order protocols, I think we
>>should work to limit the messages passed over the protocol, to only
>>the absolute minimum to make our cluster work reliably.
>>Specifically, I think this is only the distributed lock.  For state
>>replication we can use a much more efficient tcp or udp based protocol.
>As I said, if your workload has low data sharing (e.g. session
>replication), you should not use totem. It's designed for systems where
>_each_ processor needs _most_ of the messages.
Geronimo has a number of replication usecases (I'll be enumerating them 
in a document that I am putting together at the moment) Totem may well 
suit some of these. If we were to look seriously at using it, I think 
the first technical consideration would be API. Geronimo already has 
ActiveCluster (AC) in the incubator and WADI (An HttpSession and SFSB 
clustering solution is built on AC). AC is both an API to basic 
clustering fn-ality and a number of pluggable impls. My suggestion would 
be that we look at how we could map Totem to the AC API.

Do Totem and AC ( look like a good 
match ?


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crystallises out around it."

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