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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: -1 on checkin of 368344 was Re: [wadi-dev] Clustering: WADI/Geronimo integrations.
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2006 21:23:41 GMT
Jeff Genender wrote:
> I am sorry Jules, I am -1 on the change and I stand firm on that.


I don't understand your total -1, nor the fact that you actually backed 
out the change before anybody could reply to your email.

I sat in the room with Jules and Jan for three days while they worked on this.  
They certainly were discussing all the threads about this and they tried 
several times for a more minimal solution (name spaces etc.) but 
nothing else proved workable.

So they moved one aspect of the config out of the WEB-INF  and as a result 
they were able to get a webapp deployed on a mixed cluster of geronimo-jetty 
and geronimo-tomcat - HOORAY!

They deserve thanks for a good achievement and some peer review to
help them improve it.   The certainly don't deserve unilateral action
to erase their work and send every body back to square -1.

I agree with David that the session manager configuration should be moved 
again to  a clustering GBean, but that does not mean that we should move it back 
to WEB-INF while we wait for a better solution. This was a minimal solution
that can be put in place in time for 1.0.1. We don't have time to create
a clustering module before then. 

As for the axion dependancy, I do believe this is a container dependancy.
Axion is being used to persist the session - which is a web container
function, not a webapp function.   We had discussed this and I thought you had 
agreed with me on this point - that we should not have to put WADI dependancies 
into WEB-INF/lib of the apps so they can be clustered.

Of you 4 points, which is the one that is driving your -1?  Ie, if point
4) is address (not clashing with tomcat clustering), is that sufficient?
I do think that 1,2 and 3 have been addressed and none seam worth a -1 in
any case.


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