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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: Regd OpenEJB
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2006 01:41:56 GMT
Hi Manu,

You are once again correct: let's remove this read-only decorator - this 
was a very bad idea - at least if the field is a PK one. This read only 
behavior was intended to prevent developers from changing a relationship 
to a CMP having a coumpond PK with multiple fields. Indeed, in this 
case, if the CMP field is updated, this implies that the relationship is 
(partially, as only one field is updated) updated and I am not sure that 
it is safe to let such a thing to happen.

Thanks for your work on this,

Manu George wrote:

> Hi Gianny,
>             I have a question on CMR
>            Consider a Bean A and a bean B in a one to many CMR 
> relationship
>             Here A has 2 fields in the PK say a1 and a2
>                     B has b1 fka1 and fka2 as the pk where fka1 and 
> fka2 are the foreign keys corressponding to the a1 and a2 of A.
>             In the ejbCreate of B when we set fka1 and fka2 won't 
> OpenEJB throw an error saying that they are readonly fields. This will 
> happen even after  implementing the logic for the special case where 
> the CompoundPK has 1 field.  Is this scenario a valid scenario? If so 
> can we change the check in createCMPFieldAccessors to check for 
> primary key and allow write access to CMR fields if they are parts of 
> Primary Keys? What should be the correct behaviour?
> Thanks
> Manu

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