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From Geir Magnusson Jr <>
Subject Re: javamail InternetAddress parsing.
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 12:54:19 GMT

Rick McGuire wrote:
> I'm trying to write a fuller implementation of the 
> InternetAddress.parseHeader() method for the Geronimo javamail 
> implementation.  I've been writing some tests to see how the Sun 
> javamail implementation is handling various addresses, and then rolling 
> these tests into the Geronimo junit tests for InternetAddress.
> While doing this, I ran the existing junit tests against the Sun 
> javamail package and discovered that the Sun version failed some of the 
> Geronimo unit tests!  Specifically, any of the group address tests in 
> InternetAddressTest where the group did not contain a leading phrase did 
> not get recognized as a group address.  Thus the tests for ":user@host;" 
> and ":user@host, user2@host;" failed when run against the Sun javamail 
> version.
> It would be fairly simple to fix the Geronimo version to match the Sun 
> results and fix the tests as well, but I'm not convinced that either 
> version is handling this correctly.  RFC822 specifies that the tag 
> phrase before the ":" in an address is required.  So ":user@host;" is 
> not a valid group, but "group:user@host'" is.  The Geronimo versions 
> appears to be incorrect, both in the implementation and the unit test.
> However, according the Sun version is parsing ":user@host;" as being a 
> simple internet address, retaining both the ":" and ";" as part of the 
> address.  Strict conformance to RFC822 would consider this to be an 
> error rather than a simple address, and I don't believe most mail 
> servers would accept that syntax.
> So, what should I target here?  Compatibility with the Sun version, or 
> conformance to the RFC822 specification?

Nice work.  My preference would be RFC822.  However, I do wonder how 
many people might get bitten by this - that are depending on the broken 
behavior.  Sun's JavaMail has been around for quite a while.  Maybe a 
"" property to allow people that 
do depend on it to turn it on?



> Rick

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