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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject javamail InternetAddress parsing.
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 12:07:58 GMT
I'm trying to write a fuller implementation of the 
InternetAddress.parseHeader() method for the Geronimo javamail 
implementation.  I've been writing some tests to see how the Sun 
javamail implementation is handling various addresses, and then rolling 
these tests into the Geronimo junit tests for InternetAddress. 

While doing this, I ran the existing junit tests against the Sun 
javamail package and discovered that the Sun version failed some of the 
Geronimo unit tests!  Specifically, any of the group address tests in 
InternetAddressTest where the group did not contain a leading phrase did 
not get recognized as a group address.  Thus the tests for ":user@host;" 
and ":user@host, user2@host;" failed when run against the Sun javamail 

It would be fairly simple to fix the Geronimo version to match the Sun 
results and fix the tests as well, but I'm not convinced that either 
version is handling this correctly.  RFC822 specifies that the tag 
phrase before the ":" in an address is required.  So ":user@host;" is 
not a valid group, but "group:user@host'" is.  The Geronimo versions 
appears to be incorrect, both in the implementation and the unit test. 

However, according the Sun version is parsing ":user@host;" as being a 
simple internet address, retaining both the ":" and ";" as part of the 
address.  Strict conformance to RFC822 would consider this to be an 
error rather than a simple address, and I don't believe most mail 
servers would accept that syntax. 

So, what should I target here?  Compatibility with the Sun version, or 
conformance to the RFC822 specification?


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