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From Jakob Roesgaard Færch <>
Subject Remaining issues on the Adventure Builder sample application (was: Re: [jira] Created: (GERONIMO-1412) Create followed by findByPrimaryKey in same transaction ctx, caller in another jar: FindByPrimaryKey fails)
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 10:04:30 GMT
Jacek Laskowski wrote:
> Is there anything else before AB is finally run without any errors?
> How did you find the above one? I can't seem to reproduce it and
> everything seems to be working fine from my (end-user) perspective.

The status for the Adventure Builder is that the application is running 
without errors.

Although, a few issues still remain until the endeveauor can be declared 
a success. I list these at the end of this mail.

Over the next months, unfortunately I won't be able to contribute very 
much time to the Geronimo project; this means that we need someone to 
take responsibility for the three issues listed below.

Secure Webservices
The web service enabled session beans BrokerServiceBean, 
LodgingPOEndpointBean, ActivityPOEndpointBean, AirlinePOEndpointBean and 
  CreditCardEndpointBean need to be secured.

The process is described (as implemented in the Sun Appserver) here:

I think securing the services should be considered a hard requirement in 
order to support the Adventure Builder 1.0.3.
If we don't want to go through the hassle of securing the web services, 
a work around would be to instead support Adventure Builder 1.0.1, which 
doesn't use secure web services.

Supported JRE's?
The Adventure Builder application available at 
<> is a Java 1.5 binary 
and is not built with 1.4 compability.
This means that to run the application as-downloaded, you have to start 
   the server in a 1.5 VM. This does seem to work, but I have come 
across the following problems:
  - The included daytrader application can't start due to a
    deserialization problem
    This might be remedied by somehow using a Geronimo distribution
    without the Daytrader application
  - The deployer.jar receives SecurityExceptions when talking to a
     running server, e.g. to list running modules

I guess the alternatives are
  1) Straighten out the above issues. I guess other issues might arise
     - my impression is that Geronimo does not officially support
     1.5 VM's
  2) Offer a 1.4-build of the Adventure Builder application. This would
     definitely work, but also to some extent lower the credibility;
     how should we prove that the application hasn't been tampered with?

Adventure Builder as part of the Geronimo distribution?
It should be possible to download a binary Geronimo distribution 
including the Adventure Builder and deploy the application to the 
Geronimo server automatically - or the user should be able to
indicate to the installer that the Adventure Builder sample application 
should be installed.

Right now, I am only able to deploy the application when either building 
the server from source or manually installing artifacts into my local 
maven repository.

The following shows the output from trying to run "maven" in the 
sandbox/adventurebuilder directory (with the etc directory checked out):
Attempting to download geronimo-derby-1.0.jar.
WARNING: Failed to download geronimo-derby-1.0.jar.
Attempting to download derby-
2092K downloaded
Attempting to download activemq-ra-3.2.1.rar.
5067K downloaded
Attempting to download geronimo-mail-1.0.jar.
WARNING: Failed to download geronimo-mail-1.0.jar.
Attempting to download geronimo-javamail-transport-1.0.jar.
WARNING: Failed to download geronimo-javamail-transport-1.0.jar.
Attempting to download geronimo-javamail_1.3.1_spec-1.0.jar.
106K downloaded
Attempting to download geronimo-activation_1.0.2_spec-1.0.jar.
28K downloaded
Attempting to download jstl-1.1.1.jar.
20K downloaded
Attempting to download standard-1.1.1.jar.
383K downloaded
Attempting to download commons-jelly-tags-velocity-1.0.jar.
10K downloaded
Attempting to download velocity-1.4.jar.
352K downloaded
The build cannot continue because of the following unsatisfied dependencies:


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