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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Poll: Resolve configId Versions for 1.0.1
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 20:40:09 GMT

On Jan 24, 2006, at 11:52 AM, Aaron Mulder wrote:

> All,
> There was some IRC talk but not a lot of list response to the configId
> versioning issue.  Right now, it's kind of holding up 1.0.1 IMHO
> because I can't support releasing 1.0.1 until we resolve the
> compatibility issue somehow, and there's going to be a fair bit of
> work to get it going one way or another.  Anyway, for the 1.0.1
> release, please indicate your preference for:
> [+0 ] Change all configIds to 1.0 even though it's the 1.0.1 release
> [-1 ] Change all references to use no version and make that work
> [ +0.5] Something else (please explain)

I haven't had a chance to think about this thoroughly yet.  I really  
really really don't want to rush into a solution that may get us into  
trouble later. I prefer the current hard coded version number  
solution to removing version entirely.  Offhand I think making  
configuration object names have groupId, artifactId, and version keys  
might provide a partial solution.

Fundamentally the problem is that a configuration needs to be able to  
say, "I need services X Y and Z, at these levels" and we need to be  
able to supply them.  The current hardcoded solution certainly does  
this but way too specifically, you have to name the exact  
implementation you want and the exact version.  A possible far-off  
goal is that your web app configuration says, "I need servlet 2.4  
support" and something else configures whether it is jetty or  
tomcat.  Ideally I would like to have a plan for how to get to this  
particular piece of pie in the sky before starting to change what we  
have now: I don't know if this is remotely realistic.

david jencks

> For the second option, that means the configId for module would still
> be geronimo/foo/1.0.1/car but any parentId, import, or GBean reference
> would look like this:
> parentId="geronimo/foo//car"
> <import>geronimo/foo//car</import>
> <import>
>   <groupId>geronimo</groupId>
>   <artifactId>foo</artifactId>
>   <type>car</type>
> </import>
> That is, the version would be omitted from the reference, and we'd
> somehow interpret that to mean "whatever version is present" or "use
> most current version".  You still *could* use a specific version, we'd
> just emphasize the version-less option for maximum compatibility.  I
> think this alternative would require more work but might be a better
> fit for a long-term strategy.
> Thanks,
>    Aaron

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