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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Documentation in Confluence, MoinMoin, or..
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 08:29:15 GMT
2006/1/23, Geir Magnusson Jr <>:
> I don't understand - The need for documentation under source control is
> important, and we need to find a solution that ensure that is possible.
> I think that a documentation system should be a combination of
> - reasonably easy to use
> - versionable
> - able to be used offline
> - extractable into an open and transformable format for reuse
> Wikis that I've used fail on #2, #3 and #4.

Hi Geir,

Isn't it an issue for the whole Apache org? Haven't I seen some emails
about it on general@incubator recently? I think it's not only us who
straggle with the issue and I'd be very pleased to have some sort of
Confluence with SVN support so that content could be easily made
offline and committed to a repo *and* the the same time introduce
changes thru Confluence and have them checked into the repo, too.

> I'm also curious about how in-code documentation can be integrated, via
> something like Doxygen or -ish.

I don't know it at all. Do you have any insights on its features?
Something you know after having worked with it for a while?

> I realize the clear majority is for Confluence, but these factors should
> be considered.

Absolutely! (but shame on me since I had not as I had voted).

Off looking for some information about Doxygen...

> geir

Jacek Laskowski

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