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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: Geronimo Community
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 08:21:47 GMT
2006/1/23, David Jencks <>:
> in my understanding of "the apache way", one of the important
> principles is that all decisions happen on the mailing list.  To me,
> for Geronimo, that means that if you are working on a feature more
> complex than a simple bug fix, you describe it in general terms in an
> email to the dev list or in a jira entry.  While I try to follow this
> I know I often fail and would appreciate reminders when I do.

Hi Dave,

It's very good you had said this since *you* are the one who've been
following the principle and your changes always proved it had been
good to read the comment before reading the changes ;) They're very
advanced in their nature and involve a lot of knowledge. So, without
having read a JIRA entry *and* your explanation it could hardly be
understandable. I once sent you an email with a question about
bit-wise operation in the if statement when you first introduced it a
loooong time ago.

I'm pretty sure such approach could influence the state of our
documentation. One could simply copy-and-paste the content of emails
to wiki and polish it afterwards.

> When I don't see this happening, for Geronimo code or for code in
> projects that are supposed to be on the way into incubation as
> Geronimo sub projects, I get worried and wonder how long the project
> will survive.

Correct. I didn't think about the incubated projects (!) I haven't yet
spot any area where a change had been made without first being
discussed. Well, probably there were a few, but they didn't catch my
attention ;)

It's worth discussing things like this to remind everybody that we're
a very-well-spread group of contributors and noone will know
everything about a project (s)he contributes to. The more
documentation, the better - for us and for those who would like to
jump in.

Thanks Dave for the thread!

> david jencks

Jacek Laskowski

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