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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: -1 on checkin of 368344 was Re: [wadi-dev] Clustering: WADI/Geronimo integrations.
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 10:13:57 GMT
2006/1/16, Rodent of Unusual Size <>:

> Under CTR, any change can get committed at any time, although
> major ones are supposed to follow the RTC model.  Committers
> need to ask themselves whether the commit will spark controversy;
> if so, they should follow RTC and get support first.
> The advantage of CTR is prototyping speed.  Its disadvantages
> are less-assured quality and community divisiveness.  Its
> enemy is ego.  Since criticism occurs after code has been
> committed, personal investment is greater and defensiveness
> higher.  Developers are typically less aware of each others'
> work.
> I believe it is safe to say that Geronimo has been operating
> in CTR mode, but I think the specifics and ground rules may
> not have been spelt out, or need to be again.  Is this the
> way in which the majority wants to continue to proceed?

Hi Ken,

Am I reading it correctly that in CTR when a committer vetoed a
commit, it *ought to* be backed out *as soon as it's happened* and
discussed afterwards before being committed again?

I think we're operating this way and dispate the recent issue it works well.

> #ken    P-)}

Jacek Laskowski

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