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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: Dev branches?
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 10:08:17 GMT
2006/1/15, Greg Wilkins <>:

> So I would like to propose a secondary location for development
> branches /devbranch.

Hi Greg,

-1. I think it's well addressed by Alan's response when he'd stated
that sandbox was exactly for this. I support his view.

> Moreover, I don't think that development branches should be
> considered private branches as this would encourage many branches
> and discourage cooperative development.  I think they should be named
> for the features they are trying to develop.   So we would have
> things like
>  /devbranch/servlet-2.5
>  /devbranch/openejb-3
>  /devbranch/kernel

Certainly +1.

> I think the policy should be that anything targeted for an
> x.0 release should be developed in a /devbranch.

e.g. sandbox ;)

> Anything for a x.y branch can be developed in /trunk or
> in a /devbranch if it's development may take longer
> than a single x.y cycle or if it's inclusion in an x.y
> release is up for debate.
> Anything for a x.y.z branch can be developed in trunk but
> should be stabilized in the /branch/x.y

+1. Let's do this way and see how it'll work out.

Jacek Laskowski

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