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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: Geronimo 2.0
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2006 11:34:44 GMT
2006/1/7, David Blevins <>:

> We can't go from two years of development on 1.x with little to no
> user interaction then abandon it after the first release and go back
> into the development hole.

Hi Dave,

Who said we would abandon 1.x? I'm pretty sure noone did. The point I
see is that many of us (if not all) think that 1.1-SNAPSHOT is more
appropriate than 2.0-SNAPSHOT. I don't see any difference, to be
honest. The truth is that we all can live with any version as long as
we know what we need to achieve in the coming releases. I think JEE
1.5 deserves its own 2.0 release whereas smaller functionalities will
go to 1.x releases. AFAIUI, that's what we all agree with. So is mine.
But...if someone have implemented a feature of JEE 5 on a separate
branch, how (s)he should proceed with regard to the trunk? If it
merged with it, will it break our support for 1.0? I don't think so.
Would it lower our willingness to add more features to 1.0? I don't
think so. So, what are we talking about?

I keep wondering what makes me so excited about JEE 5 and arguing
about the versions. I think it's Java 5 that will surely make our
programming life easier. Generics and annotations seem to be so

The more I think about 1.1 vs 2.0, though, the more I understand
Daves' point (Dave B and Dave J). The smaller steps we do the better.
That's exactly what DJ had said in his mail and now I got his point
(!) "More than one main development area" is about making smaller
steps in the trunk rather than doing all at once (and end up with

Thanks everybody for your time and patience while explaining it to me! ;)

>  We need to follow through on Geronimo 1.x
> for a few release cycles, get some user feedback, learn the lessons
> we need to learn for a while, *then* start Geronimo 2.0.

Ok, ok. We'll see how it goes. I'm not suggesting we call the trunk
2.0-SNAPSHOT and stop supporting our users. I can live with
1.1-SNAPSHOT, too.

> Now is not the time to turn our focus to the next shinny ball, now is
> the time to focus on users of 1.x as they will need our dedication
> before they can bring it into production.

Sure. Good point. Users are what make these shinny features
implemented in any product, and so does in Geronimo.

> There is my $0.02.

Add my 0,02 PLN to it ;)

> -David


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