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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: Remaining issues on the Adventure Builder sample application (was: Re: [jira] Created: (GERONIMO-1412) Create followed by findByPrimaryKey in same transaction ctx, caller in another jar: FindByPrimaryKey fails)
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 23:36:01 GMT
2006/1/3, Jakob Roesgaard Færch <>:

> ===============================================
> Secure Webservices
> ===============================================
> The web service enabled session beans BrokerServiceBean,
> LodgingPOEndpointBean, ActivityPOEndpointBean, AirlinePOEndpointBean and
>   CreditCardEndpointBean need to be secured.
> The process is described (as implemented in the Sun Appserver) here:
> <>
> I think securing the services should be considered a hard requirement in
> order to support the Adventure Builder 1.0.3.
> If we don't want to go through the hassle of securing the web services,
> a work around would be to instead support Adventure Builder 1.0.1, which
> doesn't use secure web services.

Hi Jakob,

I'm sure you'll forgive me, but I don't think it's that much
important. I think not many end users will go up to this point and see
how it works in a secured environment. It'd be very nice to have, but
it should not hold us from announcing that Adventure Builder can
finally be deployed and run in Apache Geronimo.

I created a JIRA improvement for it to keep it in mind -

> ===============================================
> Supported JRE's?
> ===============================================
> The Adventure Builder application available at
> <> is a Java 1.5 binary
> and is not built with 1.4 compability.
> This means that to run the application as-downloaded, you have to start
>    the server in a 1.5 VM. This does seem to work, but I have come
> across the following problems:
>   - The included daytrader application can't start due to a
>     deserialization problem
>     This might be remedied by somehow using a Geronimo distribution
>     without the Daytrader application
>   - The deployer.jar receives SecurityExceptions when talking to a
>      running server, e.g. to list running modules
> I guess the alternatives are
>   1) Straighten out the above issues. I guess other issues might arise
>      - my impression is that Geronimo does not officially support
>      1.5 VM's

You're right. Although most (if not all) components work on Java 5,
but it's not required by J2EE 1.4, which Geronimo's versions up to 1.0

>   2) Offer a 1.4-build of the Adventure Builder application. This would
>      definitely work, but also to some extent lower the credibility;
>      how should we prove that the application hasn't been tampered with?

Absolutely true and no longer necessary. The committed revision 365750
(Exclude geronimo/daytrader-derby-jetty/1.0-SNAPSHOT/car from being
run) fixes it. Only these configurations, which provide required
services are started. It's a workaround for an issue in Geronimo
itself, which we shouldn't have bothered with while working on the
sample app.

> =======================================================
> Adventure Builder as part of the Geronimo distribution?
> =======================================================
> It should be possible to download a binary Geronimo distribution
> including the Adventure Builder and deploy the application to the
> Geronimo server automatically

That would indeed be great if we could provide a car with AB. I don't
think it's possible because of AB license constraints (I'm not a
lawyer so I might possibly be wrong).

> - or the user should be able to
> indicate to the installer that the Adventure Builder sample application
> should be installed.
> Right now, I am only able to deploy the application when either building
> the server from source or manually installing artifacts into my local
> maven repository.

I think the committed revision 365764 (Deploy Adventure Builder
without having to download the whole source tree (only /etc and
/sandbox/adventurebuilder directories are required)) removed the need
to download the whole source tree, which should meet the requirements
of not-very-willing-to-download users.


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