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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: How to proceed with patches to specs
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 21:47:24 GMT
Sorry, the previous email went out too early. Trying again...

2006/1/2, Jacek Laskowski <>:
> 2006/1/2, Alan D. Cabrera <>:
> >  That's the $64 question.  Jason knows the secret incantations needed to be
> > performed to do this.  Jason?
> Hi,
> While awaiting Jason's response and trying to provide a test case for
> Jakob's recent patch, I found a test class - javax.mail.internet.
...InternetHeadersTest - that contained the following:

// This source code implements specifications defined by the Java
// Community Process. In order to remain compliant with the specification
// DO NOT add / change / or delete method signatures!

It made me think about the source code and its origins. As far as I
remember, we're not allowed to use JavaMail source code and merely
copy it over to our code. It's against the license, isn't it? What I
can't recall is the list of allowed materials we /are/ allowed to use
to build our own implementation. What is on the list? I guess it's
javadoc and the spec itself. Anything else? How could happen that the
above statement (This source code implements...) found its place in
/our/ code?


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