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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject deploying projects with no plan
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 19:46:11 GMT
One scenario in the eclipse tools thats been discovered is a scenario  
deploying projects that contain no deployment plans.  I'd like some  
input on the best way to handle this.

Consider a workspace that contains two web projects (with no geronimo  
specific deployment plan).
When deploying such a project, the configID that is being used is the  
"web-app id=" attribute in web.xml.

The two web projects may be newly created web projects, or projects  
being migrated from somewhere else, but the point being they may not  
have unique id's in the web.xml, in which case the project 1 will  
deploy successfully, but project 2 will fail since its defaulting to  
the same configID as project 1.

This problem would occur outside of tools as well.

How could we better handle this scenario since to the runtime, at the  
moment, cannot differentiate that this is a different app. Should we  
default to something different? Perhaps still use the id in the j2ee  
deployment descriptor but perhaps prepend the jar name without the  

- sachin

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