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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: XDoclet Status?
Date Sun, 08 Jan 2006 18:42:32 GMT
Aaron, The XDoclet code resides in devtools.

As far as XDoc integration with Eclipse-WTP.  The standard J2EE tags  
should work, and those are enabled by default.  All you have to do to  
enable the XDoclet processor for a given project is to enable the  
XDoclet facet either at project creation or going into project  

As far as Geronimo specific tags are concerned, once we have Geronimo  
specific tags, in the geronimo eclipse plugin, there will be an  
extension point defined so that the XDoclet options will have  
Geronimo listed as one of the options to enable.

But again, the generic J2EE XDoclet tags should and will work with  

- sachin

On Jan 8, 2006, at 1:15 PM, Daniel S. Haischt wrote:

> there are some xdoclet modules (1 + 2) in ...
>  ->
> I did build the xdoclet1 module. How can I enable this in Eclipse?
> For example if I want to create an Xdoclet based EJB, how can I
> configure Xdoclet to use Geronimo instead of JBoss etc.?
> Regards
> Daniel S. Haischt
> Aaron Mulder wrote:
>> I have an app that uses EJB CMP with XDoclet that I'd like to port to
>> Geronimo.  Also, Daniel Haischt mentioned on IRC that he's using
>> Eclipse WTP and it lets you pick either XDoclet or EJB3 for EJBs, and
>> if you pick XDoclet, there's no Geronimo option and some docs suggest
>> selecting JBoss.
>> I'm wondering where the XDoclet code lives and what the status of it
>> is.  If someone can point me to it I might be able to put some effort
>> into getting proper templates together for the EJB deployment plan  
>> for
>> Geronimo.
>> Thanks,
>>     Aaron
>> !DSPAM:43c14894434399420213628!

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