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From "Simon" <>
Subject Re: jms connection factory lookup from the standalone client
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 00:16:17 GMT
This is j2se client (plain java). I thought as well that I can not get
connection factory from jndi outside container; However active-mq website
( says it is possible; (Apparently they
connect to the jms server for jndi lookup). But they gloss over the name of
the connection factory, and I could not make it work.


>Is this a J2EE application client (using the client container) or a
>"plain Java" standalone client?  If you have a J2SE client I don't
>think there's any way to access JMS or JDBC resources in JNDI; for an
>application client using the client container I believe you can
>essentailly deploy the JMS resource group as part of your client
>application deployment plan so it runs in the client environment, but
>I haven't worked through this myself.
>   Aaron
>On 1/24/06, Simon <> wrote:
>> I'm trying to lookup jms connection factory from the standalone client. I
>> can not figure out how to specify jms connection-factory jndi name in my
>> client. I looked at the active-mq website but their instructions did not
>> work for me. Any suggestions?
>> Simon

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