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Subject use of config.xml
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 03:10:43 GMT
My experience with config.xml is not a happy one...

one problem i found with config.xml is that some attributes have significant ripple effect.
Keystore attributes are of this kind. keystore gbean is deployed  as part of org/apache/geronimo/Console/Tomcat,
so changes to the keystore attributes must be applied to the keystore gbean as well.  So whoever
changes some attribute on some gbean must search all other deployed configs for conflict.
This is pain...

Another problem with config.xml is that you should not edit it while geronimo is running.
Otherwise all your edits will be overwritten by geronimo when it gets shutdown.

Now we can define gbeans in config.xml... What for? Shouldn't we use assembly plugin to edit

I think that config.xml is good for basic attribute settings such as port number but not much


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