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From Heikki Linnakangas <>
Subject MySQL TranQL connector
Date Sat, 10 Dec 2005 18:34:21 GMT

I've been looking at the MySQL TranQL connector, trying to figure out how 
to write one for PostgreSQL. Is this the right list to discuss TranQL?

This caught my eye at the org.tranql.connector.mysql.LocalMCF constructor:

     public LocalMCF() {
-->     super(new MysqlConnectionPoolDataSource(), new MysqlExceptionSorter(), false);
         ds = (MysqlConnectionPoolDataSource) super.dataSource;

The corresponding superclass constructor signature is:

protected AbstractLocalDataSourceMCF(javax.sql.DataSource xaDataSource,
     ExceptionSorter exceptionSorter, boolean commitBeforeAutocommit)

Now why does LocalMCF give the superclass constructor a 
ConnectionPoolDataSource instance while it's expecting a DataSource? It 
seems to work because MysqlConnectionPoolDataSource extends 
MysqlDataSource, but that's just accidental, isn't it?

Also, the variable name in the superclass constructor is a bit confusing. 
I would think that xaDataSource is an instance of XADataSource, but it's 

- Heikki

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