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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Release 1.0 Status - Release Candidate 20051219 Available for Review
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 17:06:03 GMT
As I recall, the .zip archives were going to contain text-based files  
(.txt, xml, .sh, .bat) formatted for Windows (i.e. CR-LF) and tar.gz  
archives would contain LF-only files. However, the two archives seem  
to be identical (excepting file permissions). Text files all seem to  
be LF-only, .bat files are CR-LF, and .sh files are LF-only. Perhaps  
I missed a decision about the .bat and .sh files... However, .txt  
files (e.g. RELEASE-NOTES-1.0.txt) are non-Notepad compatible for  
Windows users... Unfortunate, but not a showstopper, IMO...


On Dec 19, 2005, at 3:29 AM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> The feedback on the candidate from yesterday was positive and most  
> of the folks reporting issues on the previous release have  
> commented back and indicated that those problems have been  
> addressed.  The most significant issue being the race condition  
> fixed by Dain as well as some console issues raised by other folks.  
> Thanks to all for their quick turnaround of problems and comments.
> Today on e-mail and IRC there was discussion about three additional  
> issues that were asked to be considered for the final release.   
> They were:
> Correct a script for Windows to reduce the verbosity of the  
> startup. (GERONIMO-1385)
> Fix a problem with Tomcat Clustering GBean (I think Jeff is opening  
> a JIRA for this one)
> Security issue where the user requested secure pages but they were  
> not being honored by the server and potentially left them insecure  
> (GERONIMO-1384).
> After talking with Aaron, Jeff and John about the impacts I decided  
> to apply their fixes to the 1.0 branch to build and test them.  My  
> rationale was as follows (-1's on my thinking welcome...we'll not  
> really...but I'll accept them):
> - We indicated that clustering would be available in 1.0.  We knew  
> there was an issue and Jeff had the fix in hand.  Given that we had  
> to re-run CTS and this fix was simple and localized I felt that it  
> was important enough for the project to be included.
> - The security error was significant in that the user had no  
> warning that a requested feature would not be honored.  The fix  
> provided by Aaron effectively detected the condition at deployment  
> and aborted with an error message telling the user what was wrong  
> and to take corrective action.  A better fix is planned but was  
> beyond the scope of 1.0 so this stop-gap is sufficient for 1.0.
> - The verbose batch script on Windows was providing a lot of extra  
> and unnecessary information and since that is the user's first  
> impression I felt it was important enough to address for 1.0 and  
> included that as well.
> That said, as release manager I am officially declaring the release  
> closed barring TCK failures or any other serious issues.  Serious  
> in my mind means corrupted data or intolerable outcomes.
> That said, the new build is available at 
> ~hogstrom/geronimo-1.0  and the file names are:
> geronimo-jetty-j2ee-1.0-20051219.tar.gz
> geronimo-jetty-tomcat-1.0-20051219.tar.gz
> Please take time to review the builds and provide your feedback.   
> As noted above, barring a catastrophe this will be the release that  
> will go out as 1.0.  There are many additional features and fixes  
> we want to get into the release but we also need to get a release  
> to our users.  Assuming the TCK passes and there is no negative  
> feedback then we'll start a vote for the release.  TCK testing was  
> started around 0300 EST on 12/19.
> It is very important to take the 30 minutes needed to download and  
> test the server.  Please take that precious time sooner than later :)
> Matt

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