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From "Rajith Attapattu" <>
Subject POP3 Implementation done
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2005 18:56:05 GMT

I have completed the POP3 implementation and the patch is attached.
Comments and code reviews are greatly appreciated.

I have done it in a Geronimo independent way so that the code can be
moved out to a sub project in the future by just changing the package

What is done
1. POP3Store, POP3Folder and partial implementation of POP3Message for
JavaMail API

2. All support classes including factories for POP3Command and
POP3Response and a POP3Connection abstraction.

3. Can connect, authenticate with user/pass and retrieve mail.

What needs to be done
1. Complete support for POP3Message, currently not all headers are
parsed and, InetAddress for getRecipients(), getFrom are not working

I am working on it, and will have something by Monday.

2. SSLSocket support using JSSE, bcos for instance Google POP3 doesn't
work as it runs over SSL.

Is this a priority???

3. Needs more testing with different mail servers. Tested with only my
mail server. I really need help with this !!!!

4. Need to do some code review and more documentation.

5. Unit tests.

For now I have included the pop3 impl inside
We can either move it to a sub project called geronimo-javamail-store or
we can rename the current project to geronimo-javamail-providers (for
both transports and stores)to be in line with the JavaMail spec.

I like the second option.


Rajith Attapattu.

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