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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: Who wants to write POP and IMAP transports? [status]
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2005 19:15:28 GMT
On 12/5/05, Rajith Attapattu <> wrote:
> Ok here is what I have right now for POP3.
> I have gone through the RFC 1939 in detail and here is the summary. I
> have also gone through the JavaMail API spec. Started a bit if coding.
> I can come with a basic POP3 implementation that connects, authenticates
> and list/retrieve/delete messages by Tuesday the earliest.
> Next on my list is message processing according to RFC 822.
> After that I will look into authentication.
> Is this timeline OK????
> POP3 protocol stack
> =====================
> I will start ASAP on the connection management and the mandatory POP3
> commands.
>            USER name               valid in the AUTHORIZATION state
>          PASS string
>          QUIT
>          STAT                    valid in the TRANSACTION state
>          LIST [msg]
>          RETR msg
>          DELE msg
>          NOOP
>          RSET
>          QUIT
> Authentication
> ===============
> For now I will only work on USER/PASS, but some servers do not support
> plain text authentication.
> However I need to find out more details about the AUTH(RFC 1734) command
> which use encryption. Same thing is used for IMAP. (didn't have time to
> investigate).
> Message Format (RFC 822)
> =======================
> A whole new beast to be conquered. Again I didn't have time to go
> through in detail. Will give an update by Monday evening if possible.
> Guys, is this too much time??? What is the deadline??? do we need this
> before ApacheCon ??

There's no need to get it implemented by 1.0 because I highly doubt
that we could test it extensively enough.

As for your research, it looks good. Let' concentrate on building a
good base of the implementations for the Message and the Store for
both POP3 and IMAP before we get into authentication, encryption and
the like. If we build a well designed base then extending it to handle
addition things will be much easier.

FYI: In addition to achieving a good grasp of how this architecture
will be composed, I've been looking more at the Message (and its
relation to the Activation Framework) and the IMAP related parts.

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