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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: files in var/config directory
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 07:30:23 GMT
On 12/3/05, John Sisson <> wrote:
> On the user list Erin suggested (see mail below) that some of the files
> in the var/config directory be renamed.
> * Does renaming the files make less sense now that users can instruct
> Geronimo to use a specific config file (instead of the default
> config.xml file) by setting the org.apache.geronimo.config.file system
> property?

I think that in addition to the org.apache.geronimo.config.file sytem
property a README.txt file in the directory spelling things out is

> * Erin's suggestion of the README file is worthwhile.  I suggest we call
> the README file README.txt (to simplify fixcrlf processing at packaging
> time and to make it easier for windows users to view).


> * In the long term I think we should also have README.txt files in other
> major Geronimo directories so administrators can quickly familiarise
> themselves with the purpose of directories (without having to find and
> read through a  manual).  The README is not a replacement for a manual
> and can contain URLs for the full documentation.

+1 to README.txt files in major directories - and meaningful ones at
that. I don't want to crack open one of these README.txt files and see
a two sentence description, but I also don't want to see one that's
800k either.

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